Gifts That Get Hubbies in Trouble


I had a comical text conversation with my hubby yesterday.  Although to him, I’m sure it wasn’t comical at the time…..and quite honestly, I’m super thankful he thinks about this!  Such a Sweetie!  But I announced to him that I had found my birthday present for this year (I typically do my own birthday gift shopping, it’s easier for everyone involved, lol)…..but, if you know me at all, I don’t always choose what most people would consider ‘fun’ gifts.  That’s because apparently my idea of fun can be a bit skewed I guess.  😉

I announced to him that I wanted a toaster oven.  But not just any toaster oven……a deluxe, it-can-hold-two-9 x 13-pans-or-two-16″-pizzas toaster oven.  His response was what had me chuckling.  (And never mind the scalloped boarder – I’m a bit new to editing pictures on my phone and I didn’t even know it was there until now, lol.  And yes, I have saved up coins that covered part of the gift….all part of keeping the guilt factor down.)


I give him tons of credit.  And gratitude.  But I assured him he was safe….I was asking for it after all.  All blame would by on myself!  I love that guy!

Since I’m learning to eat the Trim Healthy Mama way, they offer in their cookbooks many single serve options that are, quite frankly, not as good made in the microwave as they are in the oven.  It’s to no fault of THM, but just the simple fact that things baked in an actual oven taste better to me than things cooked in a microwave.  I LOVE the fact that they include so many single serve recipes in their cookbooks.  This allows me to cook or bake things much more easily without using the big oven, especially with smaller portion sizes.


Don’t get me wrong, my big oven is great, but…..this is way simpler.  I can bake a whole batch of muffins, a pizza, brownies or reheat leftovers for lunch for me, OR the whole family.  I love that it’s counter height.  And did I mention 9 x 13 pans?  Yes, yes I did.


So here I am, a bit too excited for a non-too-exciting-to-most gift.  I even made a blog post about it!  How’s that for excited!  Hey, it’s how I roll….er… bake.  🙂



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