What Am I Eating and Why?



At first glance, this looks like a naughty, filled-with-sugar lunch!  😉  But, contrair my friend!  What you are looking at here are the Bring on Da Buttah Pancakes from Trim Healthy Mama!  They are on page 262 of the Trim Healthy Mama cookbook.

These pancakes are so delish but contain NO sugar and NO refined flour!  No Siree!  No blood sugar spiking ingredients here!

Now, as I explained in a previous post…..Trim Healthy Mama E (energizing) meals are those that are higher in complex carbs but very low in fats.  THM S (satisfying) meals are those that are higher in fats but super low in carbs.  You would think that these are an E meal here due to the ‘bready’ nature of them.  But that is why THM is so awesome for me!  They have a version that is an E meal but they also have THIS version that fits into an S setting.

The pancakes are made with the Trim Healthy Mama Baking Blend which is a Fuel Pull (low in both carbs and fats).  They contain some almond (or other nut) milk and a little sweetener (along with a couple other ingredients).  The whole egg brings them into S territory due to the fat content.  And, since they are in S mode, I can put butter on them without moving into crossover mode (or tandem fueling, S and E fuels together).

Since all THM meals should center around protein, and these have very little, I added some cheese – a weird combo I know but I love cheese.  And technically, I probably should really have more protein than this but you need to make this plan your own and I did just that with this lunch….I was craving pancakes, I’d already had an E meal for breakfast, so I wanted an S lunch.

The syrup is sugar free (and technically not on plan due to the artificial sweetener) but I haven’t made it as far as to make a THM syrup as of yet.  I’ll get there!

So, now, I should wait a minimum of 2 1/2 hours (preferable 3) to eat again, especially if I’m changing fuels.  Remember, separating fuels means that your body will process that fuel as soon as you consume it.  If you combine fuels while in weight loss mode, your body will store the fat until all the carbs are gone, then will move to the fat.  But if you eat again and the fat has not been used up, it will continue to be stored.

The drink you see is the Shrinker!  And let me tell you, in my experience, this drink lives up to it’s name!  That recipe is shared online so feel free to google it.  😉

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below!  Have a blessed day!


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