What Am I Eating & Why – Lunch 5/3/18


This morning I had one of my protein shakes for breakfast which was an E meal (very low fat, higher in healthy carbs).  I ate lunch around 12:30 which was 3 hours from when I had breakfast (with no food in between) so this means I can choose a different fuel if I want.  😉  Woot!

So lunch today is a salad!

First question is always, ‘where’s my protein?’ – Sliced deli ham
Since the ham is not a lean mean, that will force my meal into S territory (higher in fats, low in carbs).  So, that means on this salad I can include other items that fit S fuel – so I added feta cheese and homemade ranch dressing.  Both of these items have fat content but very few carbs.  In any fuel, we can then load up on non-starchy veggies since they are both low in fats and low in carbs.  So I added romaine lettuce, cauliflower, peppers, and cucumber.  This is a LARGE salad and will be filling and yummy!

Short and sweet!  And yumm-o!

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